As the market booms, it’s not uncommon for businesses to outgrow their facilities. However, many companies don’t have the space or labor to grow their production capabilities in-house.

Quincy Exact Solutions acts as an extension of your business. We offer contract manufacturing services that assemble customer-provided or sourced components into a final product. Through the use of our automated machinery and in-house team of experts, companies can expand their growth and maximize profitability.

We also provide high-quality, reliable contract manufacturing at competitive rates, helping you keep costs down while maintaining product excellence.

Why Outsource Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is a cost-effective way for businesses to produce goods without having to invest in full-scale production facilities, equipment, and additional staff. By outsourcing your contract manufacturing needs to Quincy Exact Solutions, you can cut lead times, improve efficiency, and get your products to market faster.

We Offer a Variety of Advantages to Outsource to Our Service

  • Reduced overhead, equipment, and labor costs

  • Access to automated equipment and professional in-house staff

  • Additional warehouse and production capacity to grow their business

  • Accurate inventory tracking and packaging

  • Minimized likelihood of mispicks, damaged or lost products, and incorrect quantities being packed

  • Faster time to market

  • Expedited order processing

  • E-commerce integration

  • Access to industry advice and a team that stay up-to-date on market and packaging trends

  • A dedicated account manager that follows the growth and needs of their business

  • Over 30 years of innovation and expertise in packing solutions

Interested in learning more about our contract manufacturing services?

Our contract manufacturing advantages allow customers to focus on their core competencies, like product research and development, while we focus on ours - professional contract packaging and manufacturing solutions that make their products retail-ready.