You’ve worked hard to create the perfect product for your customers. Now you’re faced with finding the right packaging solutions to efficiently distribute that perfect product. This is where a contract packager comes in.

A contract packager, like Quincy Exact Solutions, specializes in providing packaging, labeling, and distribution services for businesses.

Rather than investing in your own packaging equipment and personnel, you can outsource these tasks to a contract packing company. This company will act as a third-party resource to handle parts of the packing process, like sourcing packaging materials and getting your products ready for the market.

In short, contract packagers can improve your supply chain management, reduce costs, and help you stay competitive in a crowded marketplace.

Now that we know the role of a contract packager (also referred to as a co-packer), let’s further explore the benefits of partnering with one for your product packaging solutions.

Specialized Equipment and Personnel

Working with a contract packager gives businesses access to specialized equipment and personnel without having to invest in these resources themselves. This can include things like automated packaging machinery, label printing, and shrink-wrapping. Businesses that may not have enough capital, employees, or the space to invest in such machinery can benefit from outsourcing their packaging.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Contract packaging can also help lower your overall costs. Without having to invest in the machinery or personnel we previously mentioned, businesses can save a significant amount of money on equipment and salaries. You also won’t have to invest time into training employees on how to use machinery to package products.

Enhanced Efficiency

Contract packers have years of experience working with companies to efficiently package and distribute products. These professionals specialize in managing and organizing packaging, labeling, and distribution processes. Their expertise and experience can help to streamline your supply chain management, reduce errors, and decrease lead times.

At Quincy Exact Solutions, our experienced employees have received extensive training on using our equipment as safely and efficiently as possible. Our facility has been fitted with state-of-art equipment and packing materials to provide our customers with everything they need for high-value packaging. We’ve put the time and resources into building our business, so we can help you professionally distribute yours.

Customizable Services

Each business is unique, and not every product will require the same packing process. Co-packers offer a wide range of capabilities and can adapt to your specific requirements, whether it’s custom packaging, labeling, assembly, or other value-added services. Their expertise in areas such as regulatory compliance can help to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Warehousing is one of the value-added services that Quincy Exact Solutions provides. Bulk products can take up a lot of space. We offer thousands of square footage to store your products in a safe and secure environment, effectively helping to protect your products’ shelf life, functionality, and appeal. By combining our warehouse service with one of our other services (co-packing, product bundling, secondary packaging or contract manufacturing), you can ensure your products are expertly packaged without having to lift a finger.

Quality Control

Contract packagers are often known for their high-quality output. For example, our staff has the experience, equipment, and expertise to perform the necessary quality control checks. This ensures that your products are professionally packaged, bundled, sealed, secured, and labeled in the same way every time.


Your business needs room to grow. Co-packers have the ability to scale their services to grow with your business’ needs. Whether you need to ramp up production for a seasonal surge, launch new products, or accommodate growth, Quincy Exact Solutions can scale our services up or down to meet your changing demands. Businesses can take advantage of new opportunities and respond quickly to market changes without incurring fixed costs.


Contract packagers can offer significant benefits to your business, but not all are created equally. It’s important to work with a co-packer that has the expertise your business needs to efficiently streamline your processes.

Quincy Exact Solutions works with a variety of industries. Shipping timelines, product distribution, and secure product packaging are often goals of our customers – and we have continuously been able to meet and exceed those goals. Working with us can help you free up resources, reduce costs, and improve your supply chain management.

Contact us or give us a call today at 217-223-6180 for a free consultation.

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